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Born in Ladysmith in 1991, Brad Tandy’s swimming career has taken him all over the world – including to Brazil for the 2016 Olympics and Australia for the 2018 Commonwealth Games

At the Olympics, he represented South Africa and competed in the 50m freestyle event where he placed 6th. At the Commonwealth Games in 2018, Brad placed third in the 4x100 medley relay, alongside his teammates Chad Le Clos, Cameron van der Burgh and Calvyn Justus. It was also at the Commonwealth Games where he earned the silver medal for the 50m freestyle.

Our homegrown talent and sprint freestyle specialist has received a lot of attention for his explosive and unique starts that see him dominating from the get-go.

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Date of birth - 02 May 1991
Hometown - Ladysmith
School : Ladysmith High School

2014 - NCAA Champion and PAC 12 Record Holder
2016 - Rio Olympic Finalist (6th)
2018 - Commonwealth Games Silver and Bronze Medallist
2018 - Short Course Worlds Bronze Medallist


His advice to every aspiring swimmer:
“One of my favourite quotes right now is: Be great and have fun. This plays a part in what I believe makes me a successful athlete. I believe in hard work and not ever doing anything mediocre. There is no point in life - whether it's work or sports or family - to not try your best and do well. To enjoy life or enjoy sport, you surely have to be trying to be good at it to achieve success. Vice versa, to truly achieve something without happiness is not really an achievement at all. ”

Brad Tandy