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Introducing Journal

The Journal range was inspired by those who would rather be outdoors. If you see the world as yours to explore, Journal was created for you. Our brand’s adventure started on the balmy shores of Durban, South Africa, an area booming with every adventure under the sun – from beach days to bundu-bashing escapes. With origins like those, it’s easy to see why – like you - Journal just gets adventure.


Take the scenic route in apparel and accessories that inspire your adventurous side.

Journal is a label that’s all about outdoor living. Its focus: casual comfort for easy weekend living – at a price that’s just as easy on the wallet.

Whether you’re all about heading out to explore, or unwinding right on your doorstep, there’s something in the Journal range for every journey.

Think robustly constructed downtime gear for guys, and stylish and timeless weekend wardrobe staples for ladies – not forgetting those ensemble-elevating extras to complete the look.

Got a new story to write? Wherever you’re headed next, make Journal your first stop.

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