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It might be the crisp air, the peace and quiet or the photo-worthy views. Whatever it is for you, there’s always that one thing about camping that keeps the adventurous types coming back for more. So next time you’re planning your next weekend away from the outside world, don’t forget our adventure-awesomising tips to make it your best yet.

Home Sweet Home Away From Home
Keeping things cosy and organised is the key to a comfy camping adventure. Here are a few suggestions to make it happen:

• If you’re going to sleep on a mattress on the floor, add extra insulation and padding with an insulating mat , or some of these interlocking floor mats for a bigger surface area.

• Camping with a toddler? Give them their own space and a few home luxuries with the outdoor version of a toy room: a toy tent. Keep them all their toys in one space in a kid's dome tent.

• Maximise your headlamp light by strapping it to a big, clear bottle of water, with the light pointing inwards. This will fill your tent with all-round ambient light, rather than one harsh beam.

• Keep mozzies and miggies away with an array of options. These mosquito bands can be placed anywhere (your wrist, on hooks). A mozzie spray, wipe or cream are also convenient ways to repel small insects.

A Feast Fit for the Adventurous
Enjoying your morning cuppa - as well as every meal - outdoors is what makes a camping adventure. Eliminate any frustration by keeping things fresh, organised and easy to prepare with these tips:

• Keep your coffee, tea and sugar organised in one space with stacking container cups. This will make it easy to carry and find. You can also use it for things like matches, braai spices, sweets, small essentials or your own first aid kit.

• Keep your perishables (juice, milk, meat etc) colder for longer by freezing 5-litre bottles of water (which take longer to melt). Place these in your cooler box, top up with ice blocks and you’re good to go.

• Make meal time a breeze by doing all the chopping, peeling, dicing, measuring and mixing in the comfort of your kitchen. Enjoy luxuries like fritters and pancakes on the skottel by doing all the prep work at home. Tip: keep a fritter or pancake batter in a bottle for easy storage and pouring onto the skottel.

Bonus Champion Camping Tips
• Camp laundry: make a makeshift washing machine with a big bucket and (clean) plunger. Pack some washing powder and a camping rope to use as a washing line (simply tie it from tree to tree). Use this in case of any big messes on blankets, jackets or towels.

• Make your own fireside treats with more-ish S’mores. Or make your campfire cones by packing a few of your favourite treats (chocolate chips, chopped fruit and marshmallows) packed into a sugar cone. Wrap your cone in foil, place on the braai, melt and enjoy!

• Use the cold water of a stream as a fridge to cool drinks. Simply stake a mesh bag into the bank, place your drinks into the bag and leave them to match the temperature of the cold running water.

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