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When you think about getting buff, you instantly think: bucks. But setting up your own gym at home doesn’ t have to break the bank. Here’ s our list of affordable home gym must-haves to get you started:

Dumbbells are a surefire win as they combine both strength and cardio training. Go for two or three weights that will challenge you in a number of moves. With a variety of weights that won’ t break the bank, the Maxed range has a dumbbell (or three) for every level of home gymer.

Resistance Bands:
With these you can do a wide range of strength training moves – from chest and shoulder presses, to tricep extensions, bicep curls, and even squats. These are a fantastic take-anywhere gym essential that are both affordable and versatile.

Skipping Rope:
Not only does it strengthen the upper and lower body, it burns plenty of calories in a short time too. Top tip: If you’ re a beginner – go for a heavier rope that’ ll help you skip slower. Choose from our range of digital, adjustable and speed jump ropes. There’a s a rope for every level.

Yoga Mat:
This is a must-have for added comfort, and to relieve pressure on joints when you’ re doing planks, crunches or any other move on the floor.

Foam Roller:
Use your high-density foam roller to massage and roll out tight muscles, or incorporate it into your workout and stretches. With a range of textures and densities, Maxed has a roller for every mover.

This is one you already have – just grab one from your bathroom – or take your pick here. Use it to wipe away sweat after those intense training sessions. Our range of zip-up towels are not only handy; they’ ve got a winning price tag too.

Pick the music you love, and go for fast-paced beats that’ ll motivate you to bring your best! Not only will your workout fly by, it’ ll make it more fun too. Start with our range of Bluetooth speakers and earphones – with prices that’ ll be music to your ears.

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