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A few changes to how you play can make a big difference to your game. Check out these hockey hints that’ll improve your skills and get you playing for the win!

Get Low:
Bending your knees and getting closer to the ground will get you closer to the ball. This will not only make it easier to manoeuvre the ball, but it’ll also help you get more powerful and accurate pushes, hits and drives.

Up the Pace:
Keep working on your overall fitness and endurance. Becoming a faster sprinter is a great asset on the field.

Less Hitting and More Pushing:
Lifting the stick to hit the ball gives your opponents plenty of opportunity to swipe the ball right from under your stick. Keep your stick on the ground and close to the ball by push passing instead.

Blocking Free Hits:
Maximise your ball-stopping area by laying your stick completely on the ground when stopping free hits. Having your stick on the ground from end-to-end increases your chance of stopping the ball.

Safe at the Sidelines:
Move up the field with the ball even faster by getting as close to the sidelines as possible. Here, it’s less crowded, allowing you to move the ball faster and more easily.

Jab Tackle:
Although it might be one of the most underrated skills for any player on the field, the jab tackle is useful in forcing the opposing team into other areas of the field and changing the direction of the ball.

Prep Your Next Move by Pre-Scanning:
When the ball is passed to you, you should already know what your next move is and where you’re going to pass the ball to next. Pre-scanning the players around you will allow you to act fast when you have the ball.

Work Hard:
Dedication, focus and plenty of practice will put you in great stead. And don’t forget, every champion was once a beginner.

Get the Gear:
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