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So, your little legend’s just taken up soccer. Maybe they’ve been in the game for years – whatever level they’re at, we’ve put together this guide to getting the most out of the beautiful game.

Have fun: Of course, every sportsman’s competitive at heart. But above all else, fun on the field and the love of the game both come first.

Fairness on the field: This one goes hand-in-hand with having fun. Staying calm and playing fair on the field are key to having a great game. Learn the rules, play fairly, and always keep calm – even when the games not going your way.

Gear up: Arrive for practice prepared with all the kit you need for a great game. From boots and socks to apparel and accessories – prep and pack your kit ahead of time. And always make sure everything fits you comfortably – allowing you to focus on the game, not your gear.

Make besties with your soccer ball: Always keep a ball with you or nearby. This way you’ll always have a chance to up your skills wherever you are. From dribbling to passing and more – there are plenty of skills you can continually master on-the-move, every day.

Go beyond your comfort zone: If you’re a footie newbie – just go for it and give it your best! If you’re a diski doyen – always be willing to push beyond what you already know. And who knows, you might just find your new forte on the field.

Take it all in: Absorb all the advice, tips and tricks that fellow soccer players are prepared to share with you. Never stop asking questions and always watch games. The more you know and understand about the game, the better you’ll become.

Find your place on the field: Find the position that you both love and one that suits your skillset best. Show your coach and team that this position is for you, play it well and be known for being the best at it.

Encourage and inspire one another: Always respect your teammates, and motivate your team with words of encouragement. After all, soccer is a team sport. Positivity amongst teammates leads to a great connection, on and off the field.

All round fitness and endurance: Beyond mastering your dribbling, passing, defence and shooting skills – soccer greats eat, sleep and breathe soccer. This means always maintaining a healthy lifestyle: get plenty of sleep, eat nutritious meals and keep up your physical fitness – so when it comes to game time, you’ve put in the ground work to perform at your peak.

Be and bring your best: Whether you win or lose, always be proud of yourself and of your team.

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