MRP Sport South Africa

What’s your earliest memory of Mr Price Sport? Did you pop into your nearest store for a quick browse to see what we’re all about? Did you go for new gym get-up, or to bag a few sports essentials? Whichever way you’ve stayed active over the years, we’ve been cheering you on from the side-lines all along.

We’ve come a long way since we first opened our doors in 2006, and just like your active journey has evolved since that first Mr Price Sport experience, so has Mr Price Sport changed, grown and improved. Like any brand, we’ve experimented with a few subtle changes in recent years – including being just MRP Sport.

We’re now going back to the roots upon which our brand was built: Price. Value is at the heart of our business and we strive to add value in everything we do. At Mr Price Sport, we continually endeavour to bring South Africa (and beyond) quality active apparel and gear at the best price. Adding value by making an active lifestyle more affordable is who we are.

Mr Price Sport is your value champion. And now we’re putting the emphasis back on value, price and accessibility by returning to our origins: Mr Price Sport. After all, it’s how you know us best.

We are proudly Mr Price Sport.