MRP Sport South Africa

Earlier this year, rhino poaching statistics for 2017 were released, and in South Africa alone, 1028 rhinos were killed. That’s almost three being killed daily – simply so their horns can be used in traditional Chinese medicine, and as a status symbol in parts of Asia. With the demand for this ‘delicacy’ growing, rhino numbers are dropping - bringing the threat of their extinction even closer. And although those who are fighting for our rhinos continue to improve their technology, so do the poachers who are funded by international criminal networks.

Ending the poachers’ path of destruction requires sophisticated equipment, training and support – all of which requires constant funding. Enter Project Rhino KZN, who – alongside several like-minded organisations across KZN - bring their funds and expertise to help protect KZN’s rhino populations. Project Rhino have also teamed up with Mr Price Sport. Through the sale of the Project Rhino t-shirt range (10% of sales of which goes towards Project Rhino), Mr Price Sport has raised over a million Rand to go towards securing everything Project Rhino needs to conserve our rhino populations.

To mark three years on the same team - on the 7th of September 2017 - the Mr Price Sport head office team hosted Chris Galliers and Georgina Hancock from Project Rhino, where they accepted a check of R403,378.00 to go to Project Rhino. Steve Freese and a couple of his rangers also joined the team to receive twenty-seven Maxed Terrain outdoor apparel kits, each containing safari gear valued at around R2000.

To check out and shop the Project Rhino t-shirt range, visit your nearest Mr Price Sport store, or shop online at To find out more about Project Rhino, visit their Twitter account (@ProjectRhinoKZN) and Facebook page (Project Rhino KZN).