MRP Sport South Africa
“The Enemy is Greed, Ignorance, Indifference and Cruelty” - ZapWing

Wildlife is part of our South African heritage and we all have a responsibility to protect that. Mr Price Sport is a proud sponsor of Project Rhino and through the sales of our Project Rhino T-shirt range, we have donated just over a million rand to the worthy cause! Project Rhino utilize these funds to drive and continually develop the anti-poaching initiatives which require the support from us, and other like-minded organisations.

The Mr Price Sport head office team embarked on a conservation mission, where they were educated and enlightened on the positive difference made possible with the donations. The trip included a K9 (dog) Unit demonstration, the Zululand Anti-Poaching Wing (helicopter surveillance and response) tour and finally a rhino darting operation was made possible through Project Rhino. This saw the successful dehorning of two white and one black rhino. A necessary prevention measure considering the current poaching threat in the country. We give huge thanks to the unsung heroes in the field who work tirelessly and selflflessly to monitor the situation on the ground in attempt to protect our rhino.

Thank you Mpeti Lodge and Manyoni Private Game Reserve for hosting us.

A specialized crew of experienced individuals join forces to ensure a seamless dehorning execution. The rhino’s safety is key; a qualified vet ensures the appropriate level of sedation is administered from a helicopter and medical checks are undertaken throughout the process. The team ensure the rhino is in a comfortable position, before proceeding with the dehorning. The rhino is later awakened with an antidote and is now at less risk of appealing to poachers, with only remnants of the horn still visible. To support Project Rhino, and the affiliated partners in their mission to combat wildlife crime – shop our Rhino tee range, online at To find out more about Project Rhino, visit their Twitter account (@ProjectRhinoKZN) and Facebook page (Project Rhino KZN).